Chord book in online but still under construction...

Upcoming implementations...

- Notes names display for minor, melodic minor, and harmonic minor.
- Colors to highlight the root (blue), notes that are part of the scale (green), and the 5 notes that are not (red) to make it clearer.
- Basically, the degrees are absolute (0 always being the "C" key (no matter what it's called) and not the root of the scale you choose; this may bring confusion hence the need for a color code).

- Reverse search

- Advanced search

- Forum posts and profile will become editable.

- More scales will be supported for scale occurences finder.

- Graphic revamp

- EVENTUALLY : chord sheets should be made easily printable; this requires that I learn how to produce pdf files in PHP.
Right now the best solution is to use the print-screen button on your keyboard and to paste to any graphic editing app.
Some Firefox Extension named "Soda PDF Desktop 10 Creator" is supposed to make PDF's out of html pages,
however it won't include the dots on the piano graphics, and those are not correctly displayed in the PDF either...